Images which amplify basic truths


What was never lost can never be found.

- Zen saying -


Who I am


  • I am a photographer and writer whose artistic philosophy is to present 'stories illuminated'. I endeavor to create images which tell a story and write to create images in the mind. The over arching theme of the stories are to amplify basic truths and evoke compassionate understanding of nature and our fellow beings. My formal training as a scientist and life long avocation of philosophy forms the foundation of the stories so they are consistent with reality and yet spiritual in their essential principals. Indeed, there will also be fanciful stories intended to allow exploration of the inconceivable vastness of our being both distant and near, large and small, physical and metaphysical. Please enjoy the stories.

What I Do


  • I invite you to slow down, explore the wonderment of that which is inside each of us as basic truths and to revel in some spiritual refreshment, Our lives are very busy and inundated with information interpreted for us. The best way I know to eliminate the external noise is to provide a  space for reflection that encourages interpretation of where we are right now. Photography and poetry are reductive, stripping away the superfluous and focusing on that which is often unseen because of the extremes of every day life. So enter this mental oasis where we can safely explore our being and achieve a level of mercy for all living beings.

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George H Wood Photography